A Course In Miracles

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Weekly Study Group Wednesdays at 3:00 pm

In keeping with the Ernest Holmes’ goal to remain “open at the top” The Creative Thought Center proudly facilitates weekly classes on A Course In Miracles. 

For anyone unfamiliar with this teaching, the following is taken directly from the book’s preface: We have distorted the world by our twisted defenses, and are therefore seeing what is not there. As we learn to recognize our perceptual errors, we also learn to look past them or “forgive”.  At the same time we are forgiving ourselves, looking past our distorted self-concepts to the Self That God created in us and as us.

The Creative Thought Center is non-denominational in belief and while ACIM recognizes that it is Christian in statement it is meant for anyone whose path recognizes the fundamental principles of Oneness and forgiveness. As is the ongoing method of teaching and receiving at The CTC, these classes are especially motivating to the metaphysical student who enjoys open and stimulating spiritual sharing. It is not necessary to attend all classes  consecutively.   Contact Stan Jones for more information. 828-329-1641. Send your Full Name in e-mail when requesting the Zoom password.

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