A Practitioner is a person of high spiritual awareness and deep understanding who has devoted time and energy mastering the science, art and skill of Affirmative Prayer for  themselves and others. 

He or she is trained and licensed by the Creative Thought Center to practice professionally to help others.  A Practitioner is bound by a code of ethics and confidentiality. They honor all belief systems that do not harm others or the Earth.

They also serve the community by lovingly contributing time and energy to their spiritual home in support of its values and ideals.

How Does A Practitioner Work?

Practitioners hold two definite knowings in their consciousness.

First, an awareness of the All-ness of God, the ever-present activity of the Divine Mind.

Next, he or she knows and declares this activity is taking place in the person for whom he /she is Treating.

How Can A Trained Practitioner Help?

  • By holding you in prayer, strengthening you with love and supporting your goals.
  • By initiating a powerful change for good in your life.
  • By helping you discover the Divine Presence that dwells within you.
  • By revealing the infinite possibilities that you may previously have believed were impossible.
  • By offering compassionate support and a new perspective for life by using the spiritual laws of this universe, thus revealing your own innate wholeness.
  • By empowering you to create wonderful new life experiences filled with joy abundance and love!

A Practitioner is not a psychological counselor nor a giver of advice

CTC Practitioners

Kim May is a Spiritual Advisor, Science of Mind Practitioner, Personal Fitness Trainer, Author, Speaker and Teacher. It is her joy and passion to assist others in remembering who they really are, what they really want and to create a plan of action by which to manifest their dreams.

Patricia Outland is a retired Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.  Her extensive experience in both healthcare and exploration of teachings and philosophies from around the globe has equipped her with a unique and refreshing perspective that has a profound and positive effect in sparking “aha” moments.

Kathleen is a transplant from New Jersey who worked as a social worker for 37 years before retiring in 2014.  Her diverse experience in working with many people from different backgrounds, gives her the unique ability to cut to the chase with any issue and bring an individual to a deeper understanding of themselves.

Joan Doyle was born in Ireland and in 1994 she moved to California to work for Walt Disney Feature Animation. She found her Spiritual Community at North Hollywood Church of Religious Science and became a Practitioner in 2005. After 20 years in the animation industry, she now blends her two passions to assist others in realizing their greatest potential.

Having walked many paths, Kimi Webster has taught others around the globe to not be defined by Life’s experience but to be expanded by them. By focusing on rising above unnecessary suffering, Kimi walks with you to embrace the freedom that passes all understanding.

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