• Never limit your view of life by any past experience.
  • Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people.
  • You can attract only that which you mentally become and feel yourself to be in reality.

                                                                                              Ernest Holmes

These Practitioners are certified by The Creative Thought Center to know the Truth about you. You are an important member of our Spiritual Family, please allow one of them to help you. They won’t give advice; rather they will help you to consciously realize your Spiritual Truth. They will work with you to shift a particular belief to create the desired outcome for your highest and greatest good.

Here are short bios and contact information for each Practitioner.  Please allow one of them to assist you in embodying your Truth; after all, that’s what this Family is for!

Kim May

Kim May, CTC Licensed Practitioner

Hello. My name is Kim May and I am a Spiritual Advisor, Science of Mind Practitioner, Personal Fitness Trainer, Author, Speaker and Teacher but most of all, I am Lover through and through. It is my joy and my passion to assist others in remembering who they really are, what they really want and create a plan of action by which to manifest their dreams. With 30+ years experience working as certified Personal Fitness Trainer, I have learned that addressing each person as a ‘whole and complete’ being, taking into account their body, mind and spiritual fitness, has brought enormous success for all. In addition to individually designed physical fitness regimes, I teach healthy nutrition and evaluate mental self-talk patterns providing tools (EFT, EMDR, NLP, Quantum Touch and Spiritual Mind Treatment) to re-program limiting habits of thought into healthy, self enhancing patterns. Of course, a solid, continuous, daily connection to one’s Higher Power is equally valued, encouraged and bolstered if necessary. I am joyously available as an advisor, trainer, teacher, speaker and practitioner, all of which are divinely channeled, for I myself take very little credit for the co-creative adventure I live. It is a blessing that I have found my way to allowing my Source Energy to flow through me, assisting myself and others in attaining well being and optimal health. We are all born with this innate capacity and I am knowing you remember this too. May your path be joy filled, delicious, energized and all your heart desires.
Love and joy abound,
Kim May, CTC Licensed Practitioner
Ph: 828-734-0305 or Email:


Trish Webb, CTC Licensed Practitioner

Greetings. Let me introduce myself. My name is Trish Webb and I am indeed a spiritual being having a human experience. I am here on purpose. In the knowing of this truth for myself I know it for all creation. That means I know this truth for you! Even as a child there was a sensing, a feeling within that there was more to my life than I was experiencing with my five senses. Childhood was filled with questions and a longing to understand a deeper meaning to my life. As a young adult I felt that I was on a spiritual quest to find my true self. The questions kept coming, the longing expanded, so I continued my search. I attended many different churches, attended workshops, journaled and read every spiritual book that I could get my hands on starting with Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. Next, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and John Bradshaw just to name a few. Each human experience was moving me ever closer to the truth so I kept living, learning and evolving. Eventually, in my forties, I was led to the Creative Thought Center where I was introduced to Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind. This teaching changed my life! After almost fifteen years of studying and training I have come face to face with the ultimate truth that there is a power back of all life and we each have access to use this power for our highest and best good. We can do this for ourselves and for others, as we are all one. As a practitioner my purpose is to serve, to be a way-shower, to be a light. I live in gratitude for this blessing and welcome you with an open heart to the life you were meant to live. For I know that for all who seeks, finds. As I speak these words I know that it is done. And so it is.

Love, peace, and joy,
Trish Webb, CTC Licensed Practitioner
Ph:  828-734-0843 or Email:

Patricia Outland

Patricia Outland, CTC Licensed Practitioner

Many of us on earth right now, have recognized that we don’t belong in this world, and so have set about learning how to create a world where we can belong. Along this path, I have had many spiritual teachers, both through books, audios, and in person. I was brought up in a Southern Baptist tradition that did not encourage my many questions about inconsistencies in the Bible, or behavior within the church leaders and members. I have searched for an ideology that can tolerate mental expansion; and personal, as well as global evolution. This path has taken me from Florida, to Tennessee, California, Oregon, and North Carolina where my husband and I have lived for 21 years, first in Boone, NC and now in Waynesville for the last 6 years. The teachers that have influenced this journey most profoundly include Parmahansa Yogananda, Buddha, Dr. Usui, founder of Reiki, Ekhart Tolle, Irmansya Effendi (teacher of Open Heart Meditation), Patricia Cota-Robles, and Kenji Kumara. There are others too numerous to list that have also influenced my path. I am so grateful for all of them. Most recently, I have learned from the Science of Mind tradition of teachers, including the work of the founder, Ernest Holmes, Charles Barker, Troward, and others. I am grateful for Rev. Frank Kish and Rev. Syl Jusino teaching the practitioner course of training, and for patiently answering my many questions without judgement. It has been a gift to learn of an ideology that is inclusive of all. It is profound to learn to pray effectively. I continue to work full time as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at the Charles George Veterans Administration Hospital in the Mental Health Intensive Case Management Program.

Patricia Outland, CTC Licensed Practitioner
Ph:  828-773-1921 or Email: