Listen to our welcome song!

Our Creed

We are one global family, all colors, all races, all religions, one world united.

We dance for the peace and the healing of our planet earth, peace for all nations, peace for our communities, peace within ourselves.

Let us connect heart to heart. Through diversity we recognize our unity. Through our compassion we recognize peace. The love we share transforms the world.

Our core teaching, Science of Mind, has one primary purpose: To assist the individual who desires and is willing to heal his/her life of any and all discord, fear, superstition, guilt, and sense of lack. Wholeness is a Reality that can be found at the very center of who and what we are now.

Our desire is not to teach you what to think but rather how to do your own thinking. To change the way we think we must first understand that we live in a Spiritual Universe that operates on purpose, by responding to our thoughts, feelings and deepest beliefs.

We ultimately create our experiences. While this Truth may be a challenge to accept, it is also the Truth which sets us free. As we take responsibility for our thinking, we see our lives transformed in incredible and wonderful ways. We begin to live, move and have our being in a greater awareness that God really is All that is. As we honor Its Presence in all people and places (including ourselves, wherever we may be) the Divine Principle of Life automatically honors us.

In the conclusion of the Science of Mind textbook, Dr. Ernest Holmes summarized this well when he wrote:

“The practice of Truth is personal to each, and in the long run no one can live our life for us. To each is given what he needs and the gifts of heaven come alike to all. How we shall use these gifts is all that matters!”

In other words, there is a Power for good in the Universe, greater than you and you can use it now. This is God’s gift to you and how you use it is your gift to God!

First Time Visiting?

Listen to our welcome song!

We are all thinking, willing, knowing conscious centers of Life. We are surrounded by, immersed in, and there is flowing through us a creative something . . . call it what you will.

                                                                            Ernest Holmes

The Creative Thought Center

An Open Hearted, Open Minded Spiritual Community

Call us for more information (828) 456-9697 or (828) 729-3949

email: info@creativethoughtcenter.org

449-D Pigeon St., Waynesville, NC 28786

We are an independent Science of Mind and Spirit Community located in the Smoky Mountains of Haywood County, in Western North Carolina.

As an open hearted, open minded spiritual community we honor God or the Divine Presence within everyone in all paths and all walks of life. Wherever you are on your spiritual path, we see you as the true spiritual being you are. Welcome to a place where you can make friends, share experiences with like-minded people, and deepen your awareness of the presence of God in your life. Uplifting music is important to us so in the words of one of our favorite songs “Welcome to a place … that knows the truth, that God is everything; God is me; God is you.”

We do consider ourselves a metaphysically based organization. There is nothing mysterious or supernatural about metaphysics. Meta means above or beyond, and physical means material or that which is experienced by the five senses.  Metaphysics is simply the study of God as Creative Intelligence or Universal Mind, which is everywhere present, in and through all that we see, touch, smell, hear, taste…and beyond!

We realize that breaking away from past understandings and exploring new beliefs is sometimes overwhelming. Our website can answer many of your questions. We also encourage you to call 828-456-9697 at any time, or send an email to info@creativethoughtcenter.org

What About Sunday Services?

Our Sundays begin at 10:30am with a meditation of 15 to 20 minutes, followed by the Celebration Service at 11:00am. (In the event of inclement weather, call 828-729-3949.)

Our Celebration Service lasts approximately one hour and offers opportunities to enjoy music, song and prayer that uplift the heart and soul. Our diverse speakers deliver an affirmative message to support you on your spiritual journey. In fact, all of our services, activities or classes seek to provide spiritual tools and resources to help deepen the experience of your personal connection with the Divine Presence within you.

What if I Have Children?

Parents and other family members are encouraged to bring children to our Sunday Celebration Service. Although we do not currently provide childcare or Sunday School type activities, we welcome children to accompany their parent(s) or guardian(s).

How Should I Dress?

Be comfortable! There is no “dress code.” You may dress in your “Sunday Best” or in casual clothing and be assured there will be others dressed similarly.

Energy and Body Workers

Several of our members offer a wide variety of healing modalities in a safe and sacred environment.  Practitioners who have spent many years in mastering their area of expertise now offer services such as Reiki, Massage Therapy, Spiritual Journey, Healing Touch and many other alternative paths to physical and spiritual balance.


Each of these specialists offers contact information in the biographical material presented.



Carol Harrison

Carol Harrison is a Professional Animal Communicator, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Teacher and Author.  Her scope of practice also includes Soul Retrieval, Intuitive Space Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Meditation and so much more.  Carol combines her skills to help animals and people learn how to achieve peace, understanding, and improved health while addressing emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances.  Call her to talk about your needs at 828-456-9781.



Terrie Cooper

Terrie Cooper specializes in CranioSacral Therapy and is a master of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage as well as other integrated modalities.  Her intuitive approach to whole body wellness speaks volumes as to her level of excellence.  Terrie’s gentle nature and artful techniques facilitate healing in a no-nonsense manner.  You can reach her by calling 440-221-8042.



Kim May

Kim May, one of our Science of Mind Practitioners, offers sessions in Quantum Touch and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as ‘Tapping’, is a powerful self-help method. Clinical trials have shown that EFT tapping is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress.  Clinical trials have demonstrated that EFT is effective for phobias, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, pain, and other problems.  Kim is also a certified Fitness and Personal Trainer.  Contact her at 828-734-0305 to schedule an appointment.



Kim Webster

Kim Webster is a Jack of All Trades and A Master of Fun!  In addition to managing our office here at CTC, Kim is a Travel Consultant, a Oneness Trainer and Stress Reduction Specialist.  She offers sessions in Therapeutic Massage through the National Optimal Wellness Association, Meditation & Life Ease Instruction and Access Consciousness which combines specific life-changing tools and processes designed to empower the recipient to create the life they desire.  Kim also freelances as an office/home organizer and light bookkeeping.  Her contact number is 828-400-3723.



Bobbie Ammons

Bobbie Ammons has been an RN for over 45 years and is an advocate of Complimentary Modalities of Natural Health Care in mainstream medical facilities.  Bobbie brings her special talents and vast knowledge to the public arena through Healing Touch, now practiced in many hospitals across America.  Extensive research supports the theory that Healing Touch can help relieve pain, reduce stress, accelerate wound healing, improve vitality and restore balance in the body.  You can reach Bobbie to set up an appointment at 828-361-4572.



Ann Hibbard

Ann Hibbard has been practicing since 1984 and provides Advanced Bodywork Massage Therapy.  She is masterful in neuromuscular, deep tissue, connective tissue, lymphatic drainage, cupping, cranio-sacral, Reiki, hydrotherapy and spa style wraps/scrubs.  Ann brings a level of expertise to her clients which has been honed by years of experience and learning.  Ann can be reached at 828-400-9884.




We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing.

Ernest Holmes

What is The Creative Thought Center?

Within this beautiful center we share, teach and use practical, verifiable spiritual tools which when applied consistently transform our lives in all areas – health, abundance, relationships. We believe that God, Great Spirit, the Universe, the Absolute Only Being, whatever you choose to call It acts in, as and through each of us. In other words, we want to facilitate the reawakening of each individual’s awareness of their higher Self.

We do not consider ourselves “new age”, rather we incorporate the ancient wisdom of all the spiritual traditions with the wisdom of the modern mystics, masters, quantum physics. People of all spiritual paths — Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, Abraham-Hicks, etc. are welcome here!

What is Science of Mind?

Science of Mind, our core teaching, is considered a New Thought philosophy. Since the New Thought tradition dates to the 1880’s and has its roots in the Transcendentalist Movement of the 1830s it is not really “new”. It has a long and respected history, and includes luminaries such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Dr. Ernest Holmes established the spiritual movement Science of the Mind in 1927. Born in 1887 on a small Maine farm, Dr. Holmes spent his teenage years out-of-doors, asking himself “What is God? Who am I? Why am I here?” Despite limited formal education, Holmes studied world religions, psychology, philosophy and science. He called Science of Mind “the most liberal spiritual movement the world has ever seen,” and stated that this philosophy, “In its broadest and truest sense includes all there is in science, religion and philosophy … It borrows much of its light from others, but in so doing does not rob anyone, for Truth is universal and never personal.”

Science of Mind is a philosophy that integrates spiritual truths with science and philosophy. Simply put, Science of Mind teaches the unity of all life. Intentions and ideas flow through a field of consciousness, which actually affects and creates the world around us. This idea is common to most major religions and is supported by the teachings of psychology and quantum physics. In Science of Mind, we believe that the secret to living a successful life is to consciously choose positive and productive thoughts. Put another way, “As you think, so you become.”

Is Science of Mind a real science?

In Science of Mind, we believe that the fields of religion and science are complementary, and that science will prove what the mystics have said for thousands of years about the nature of God, human beings, and the Universe. These beliefs are being proven even now by quantum physicists who have found that the universe is made up of energy that cannot be destroyed and is infinitely intelligent.

Science of Mind is also scientific in that it uses laws of nature to prove spiritual principles. Any person can experiment with the principles and measure the results.

Is Science of Mind related to or connected with Scientology or Christian Science?

No. Science of Mind is in no way related to Scientology and is a unique and separate entity from Christian Science. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, studied many of the spiritual leaders of his time, including Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, but he was not a member of that group.

Do you consider yourself Christian and believe in Jesus Christ?

In Science of Mind, we believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a loving, powerful man who walked the earth two thousand years ago. Jesus was a Master Teacher and a great example of how to live the individual expression of God. In Science of Mind, the phrase “Christ Consciousness” is used to refer to a universal principle of God expressing through humanity. Jesus was the great example, given to us all, of fully living our divine potential, our “Christ Consciousness.”

According to Dr. Ernest Holmes, “Science of Mind does not deny the divinity of Jesus; but it does affirm the divinity of all people. It does not deny that Jesus was the son of God; but affirms that all beings are children of God. It does not deny that the Kingdom of God was revealed through Jesus; but affirms that the Kingdom of God is also revealed through you and me.”