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Saturdays, October 21st, 28th & November 11th & 18th

By Michele Laub  10:00 am – 12:00 pm

“The Five Attachments” (by don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.) Workshops

A Note from Michele—Whether or not you read the book  you will learn  to recognize and change agreements you made that keep you stuck and diminish the awesome life which is your birthright.
Recommended Love Offering For Each Workshop $10.00 – No One Turned Away

Week One– Oct. 22, 2017 (Chapter 1-3)
Perception and the Dreaming Mind– How Life Gets to Be the Way It Is”

Did you ever wonder how you and everybody else got to be the way they are? In Week One we will set the foundation of understanding how conditioning, ideas, opinions, judgments, beliefs and so much more created the patterns, situations and attachments that form the life you live today.  Each of our agreements represents an attachment, which whether we are aware of it or not, can impede our personal freedom and happiness, or lead us to a joy-filled, productive meaningful life.


Week Two—Oct. 29, 2017(Chapter 4) (Chapters 5-9 optional)
The Five Levels of Attachment”

Attachments show themselves to us in many ways, and in differing degrees. In Week Two we will explore the levels and categories and kinds of attachments we have. The Levels of Attachments can be categorized as : Level One—The Authentic Self; Level Two—Preference;  Level Three-Identity; Level Four Internalization; Level Five; Fanaticism. When we recognize these levels of attachments, we will choose what and how we can change to create happier, more vital and exciting lives.


Week Three– Nov. 11, 2017 (Chapter 10-11)
Tools for Change”  

Learn, practice and master the tools to create lasting change in your level of attachment.  Learn how to transform your life to enhanced personal freedom and sustained happiness through integrating these tools on a daily basis. Practice makes the Master. You will learn to Master the Voice of Knowledge that speaks to you from agreements made without your awareness.


Week Four— Nov. 18, 2017 (Chapter 12-13)
Integrate the Power of Your New Agreements”

Once you become aware of the attachments that are holding you back from sustained happiness and personal freedom, you will want to make changes. This blue print for changing your beliefs and agreement’s will last throughout your life whenever your attachment to a belief made long ago comes into your awareness.  Remember, you are always at the moment of choice; making choices that are in the highest good for all concerned, beginning with oneself is the key to a fulfilling, joyous life. This is the  way to live in the flow of life unencumbered.

Combining transformational psychology, spirituality with the time honored wisdom of the ancients, Michele Laub, MS brings the principles of Toltec Wisdom as  to the modern worldMichele is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Specialist, Certified Four Agreements Facilitator, Law of Attraction Facilitator, Power of Belief Mentor and most recently a licensed Religious Science Practitioner.  For more information about Michel Laub please visit:  www.HumanPotentialUnlimited.com





10:30 AM Meditation & 11:00 AM Celebration Service



Sunday, October 22nd

Spiritual Message By:  Sheila Kaye
“Internal Power”

How do we live this lifetime?  What beliefs guide our choices or decisions?  What is inborn and natural?  Join Sheila in conversation about the makeup of our mind versus the power of our soul.  Who are we truly?  What helps us shine?
Sheila Kaye has 30+ years in LSCW experience in the mental health arena, including outpatient & Psychiatric inpatient counseling, teaching at community colleges & churches, with a finish of 11 years in hospice care.  Sheila has also embraced education in spiritual realms, metaphysical ministry, energy anatomy, Reiki, Health Touch and so much more.





Sunday, October 29th

Spiritual Message By:  Rev. Syl Jusino





Sunday, November 5th

Spiritual Message By:  Rev. Frank Kish




Sunday, November 12th

Spiritual Message By:  Rev. Syl Jusino




Sunday, November 19th

Drum Circle with Kim May & Carol Harrison







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