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Date Correction
Wednesday, August 15th

Memorial Service Honoring Fred Cuddy
First United Methodist Church 2:00 pm In the Sunday School Bldg Behind The Church
566 S. Haywood Street, Waynesville, NC  28786

One of our beloved members passed away early last week. .. many of you may remember Fred Cuddy with his delightful balloon creations and masterful wood carvings!
A Memorial Service will be held to honor Fred’s life at the First Unaided Methodist Church this Wednesday, August 8th  at 2:00 pm in the Sunday School building behind the church.  You are welcome to come and celebrate his extraordinary earth journey with his family and friends.






Wednesday, August 15th

All Community Meeting 7:00 pm






Event Canceled For August
Join Us Sept 21st For Our Next Social

Wine & Cheese Social
Social at 6:00   Guest Speakers 7:00






Sunday, August 19th

The CTC Nature Connection Presents
“The Music Of Nature”
12:30 pm From CTC

This event will begin at CTC with a presentation by Donna Corso.  We will then proceed to the Trailhead restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we will meet at Lake Junaluska for a leisurely 2.3-mile walk around the lake, listening to the sounds of Nature. 
In her presentation, Donna will talk about composer Ferde Grofé who captured Nature through his many compositions, particularly through his famous Grand Canyon Suite.
Through two short (7-8 minute each) youtube videos, we will experience a musical descent into the Grand Canyon on the backs of mules, as well as a musical cloudburst. (Feel free to bring your own musical instrument if you wish…drum, flute, rattle, bird whistle, etc.)
If you are joining us at Lake Junaluska, have rain gear handy just in case. And if the weather is “extremely” inclement, we’ll just hang out at the Trailhead for extended conversation, about Nature of course!







10:30 AM Meditation & 11:00 AM Celebration Service



Sunday, August 19th

Spiritual Message By:  Kim Webster
“Breathing In Peace of Mind”

Are you bored or does stress has you running in circles?  Is time slipping though your fingers or maybe your body is slowing down?  Peace of Mind is our most precious treasure!!!  This interactive discussion sheds light on how to rise above the chatter of the mind and go below our ever changing emotions to that place of infinite source energy and refreshing peace. 
Kim Webster likes to think of herself as a “jack of all trades and a master of fun”!  Kim has taught herself and others not to be defined by Life’s experiences… laughing at oneself, after all, is an important part of moving through life masterfully.





Sunday, August 26th

Spiritual Message By:  You, YES… You!
“Open Circle – Open Heart”

An experiment in a fully interactive group-generated Spiritual Message determined by the flow of Spirit.






Sunday, September 2nd

Rev. Lisa Rowe
“Conscious Chain Reactions- Harnessing the Energy of Faith and Unleashing the Power of Love”

Earnest Holmes tells us, “There is no reason to doubt that in the field of spiritual consciousness a chain reaction could be created which would bless the whole world.”  Lisa invites us to play with that possibility, to explore that creative energy within ourselves that can change our lives and the lives of those around us.  Let’s be part of the critical mass that impacts global consciousness.
Lisa is an independent Science of Mind minister and a licensed Practitioner at the Center for Spiritual Living—Asheville as well as a shamanic practitioner and a Master Shapeshifter.  She creates and facilitates workshops, classes and ceremonies as a way of sharing what she learns with others and as a way of shifting perceptions and perspectives beyond our own experiences and beyond the ordinary.





Sunday, September 9th

Justin Elledge
“Why We Pray”

This exploration of the Sacred Connection to God/Spirit will also include experiential or “Active” prayer for all participants and how prayer, a constant in human history is shaping our own destinies!
In having to overcome many health issues, Justin Elledge has an acute understanding of just how fragile and resilient we are, as human beings. It has been through his own evolution in health and faith that he now finds himself blessed with this ability of Medical Intuition, a Second Sight.  As an inventor and healer, Justin looks forward to helping you find your own health and soul enlightenment.  For more info, please visit:  www.thehumanmri.com.







Sunday, September 16th

Michele Laub
“The Toltec Secret to Happiness”

The Toltecs were the artists and scientists of their time over 2000 years ago, who left a living legacy of their wisdom in the pyramid city of Teotihuacan in Mexico. The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz was derived from the oral tradition of the Toltecs as well as the structure and message of this ancient city which is a National Heritage Site.  In this talk, Michele shares tools and processes for creating Lasting Change with the Power of Belief — sharing this Toltec secret.
Amongst Michele’ credentials are : licensed Religious Science Practitioner, Certified Four Agreements Facilitator, and Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator.  For more information, please visit www.humanpotentialunlimited.com.






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