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Friday, July 20th

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Wine & Cheese Social







Saturday, July 21st

Nature Connection Walk/Hikes 2018
Sponsored by Wilma Durpo

The group purpose is to walk/hike into the natural environment to appreciate and enhance awareness of our connection with nature by performing creative activities.  Guest leaders will be invited to guide participants in relating subjects such as art, writing, music and photography, along with knowledge of all segments of nature.
Events are open to everyone.  Carpooling is recomme4nded.  All events are tentative and subject to last minute changes.  All Saturday walks/hikes will meet a K-Mart Shopping Center at 9:00 am unless otherwise posted.  Nature Connection Leaders are Wilma Durpo, Layli and Brad Nottingham, and Donna Corso.  Please offer to volunteer and make suggestions to wdurpo@gmail.com.
Saturday, July 21st:  Kephart Prong – Great Smokey Mtn Ntl Part
2 Miles – Meet at K-Mart 9:00 am
Sunday, July 29th:  Lunch in Saluda – Pearson Falls
1/2 Mile – Meet at CTC 12:30 pm




The Truth About Cancer:  A Global Quest


The Tuesday night “Truth About Cancer” series has been canceled due to low attendance. However, because I consider this information so crucial, I have placed a link to the entire series on my website and I encourage everyone to watch it from the comfort of your home.  Understanding brings hope. Knowledge is power!
Below that link are three other important videos including a 20-minute interview about the 60holistic doctors who “died under suspicious circumstances” (aka “murdered”) in 2015. (The deaths have continued and as of June 2018 the number has risen to 80.) The final video is Steve Kroschel’s beautiful documentary titled “Dying to Have Known” which focuses on the very effective Gerson therapy.  I hope you will enjoy all these videos … and please share them with anyone you believe may benefit from the information.
To access the videos, go to:  https://donnacorso.com and click on “The Book”, then scroll about half way down the page to the video section.





Satruday, August 8th

Bobby Ammons
“Ancient Aliens & The Planned Evolution of Humanity”  2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Bobby Ammons presents an introduction to the writings of Zecharia Sitchin…  Were ancient aliens involved with the creation of Homo sapiens?  Was high technology used on Earth in ancient times?  Do aliens have an evolutionary plan for humanity?  Are they involved in human evolution now?  Will the ancient aliens return?  Join Bobby for an afternoon of information on these fascinating topics.
In 1958, at agae 7, an alien experience set Bobbie on a lifelong search for ETs relationship with Mankind.  It was not until 1979, when she read Zacharia Sitchin’s first book, The 12th Planet, that she began to find fulfilling answers and peace of mind.  Bobbie Ammons is a lecturer, author, and a researcher.  She has dedicated 45 years of her life as a Registered Nurse and is currently a Healing Touch Practitioner in Lack Junaluska, NC.
Love Offering greatly appreciated but not required!








10:30 AM Meditation & 11:00 AM Celebration Service



Sunday, July 22ND

Spiritual Message By:  Barbara Brady
“Let’s Play!”

When we give ourselves permission to play like a kid, we’re aligning with The Divine.  We will explore what play is, why it’s important, what keeps us from playing and 5 ways we can get back to playing.
Barbara Brady, is an Interfaith Minister, Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach, & Grief Recovery Specialist. She’s an ordained Minister of Peace through the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking with James Twyman’s Beloved Community and a Science of Mind Practitioner.   For more information about Barbara, please visit:  www.mycoachbarbara.com.






Sunday, July 29th

Spiritual Message By:  Rev. Sylvia Jusino






Sunday, August 5th

Spiritual Message By:  Dee Daley
“Take The Trip, Buy The Shoes, Eat The Cake”

Dee will discuss releasing some of the thought patterns that no longer serve us.  Expect a few laughs and to walk away with insight to live our lives to the fullest.
Dee has been “hooked” on New Thought teaching since entering the Atlanta Church of Religious Science in 1980. For 40 plus years Dee has studied and taught the principles of Religious Science and Unity. Today, Dee is presently the Board President of the lay- led spiritual center, Wayfarers Unity in Dillard, Georgia.



Sunday, August 12th

Kim May

“High vibrations” Taking where you ARE to a whole new level. Discover a few new tools for your spiritual tool box while releasing blocks. Life is supposed to be FUN! 


Followed By Pot Luck!


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